The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

How to Blog / Monday, January 15th, 2018


  • Is your content original?
  • Is the title of your blog post short and catchy?
  • Will the content be of value to your audience?
  • Did you apply ALT tags to all images?
  • Did you proofread your content?
  • Did you check all links to make sure they are all working?
  • Did you attach all necessary content, such as downloadable files?
  • Did you include at least one pinnable image?
  • Is your post Search Engine Optimized? (Use the Yoast plugin for WordPress users)
  • Is your content of an appropriate length?
  • Did you include any related content from your archives that might be relevant?
  • Did you include any relevant affiliate links?
  • Is your key message clearly conveyed in your content?
  • Are you using an appropriate tone?
  • Remove any unnecessary ramblings in your content.
  • Shorten any lengthy sentences.
  • Read the post aloud to yourself to accurately identify errors or awkward readability.
  • Shorten lengthy paragraphs.
  • Limit modifiers such as ‘really’, ‘very’ and ‘so’.
  • Eliminate unnecessary jargon.
  • Have you included at least one link in your post?
  • Add a solid keyword.
  • Avoid keyword-stuffing.
  • Include a clear featured image.
  • Is the correct author listed?
  • Is the blog listed under the appropriate category?
  • Did you add appropriate tags?
  • Have you included any credits to images you don’t own?
  • Have you checked the preview of the post to ensure it displays correctly?
  • Use bullets and numbering where required.
  • Include relevant links that will back up your findings.
  • Include hyper-links where applicable.
  • Find content with a call-to-action. Such as ‘buy this product, ‘share this’ or ‘comment below’.
  • Include sharing buttons for social media.
  • Did you thoroughly research this topic?
  • Did you include all appropriate multimedia?
  • Did you give credit to all your sources?
  • Include proper disclosures, such as when you are using affiliate links.
  • Is your post complete?


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8 Replies to “The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist”

  1. I really have to be more conscious about my blog post writing! Once I near the point of hitting publish, I get a bit sloppy. Your list is a great reminder, especially since you go into so much detail!

  2. What a great list! I have a confession… I totally get lazy with proofreading my posts. I think I need to spread out working on posts so that I don’t get burnt out from writing them the day before they need to be posted. Thanks for putting together a comprehensive list!

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