Why You Should Start Blogging Today

How to Blog / Monday, January 8th, 2018

Blogging can be a great platform for you to connect with your target audience. You don’t even need any previous ‘professional writing’ experience to start a blog and successfully get it up and running. So let us run through a few questions and then get to the awesome benefits of starting a blog!

So what is a Blog?

Originally a ‘blog’, as it is commonly called today, used to be called a ‘weblog’. The weblog was used as a type of diary to record the events of somebody’s day or life. Well the weblog eventually morphed into just a blog. A blog is a blend of what is occurring in one’s life (like a diary) and also it’s also used as an outlet for sharing information within your area of expertise.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

The main difference between a blog and just your regular website is basically that a blog is updated regularly whereas a website is just created and pretty much left alone. I think of a blog kind of like a Facebook page. You can share updates on certain topics and you can share opinions through the comments section of your blog with your readers.

What some of the benefits of creating a blog?

It brings in more traffic to your site As I mention previously, when you have a blog, that means that you are regularly updating it by creating new posts. The more posts or content that you have on your site, the higher the chances are of your site being picked up by search engines.

Keeps customers or loyal readers updated You can let your readers know about such things like new products, recommendations or discounts that you have to offer them.

Information overload! And the readers LOVE it! With all of that valuable content that you have, it will leave the readers hungry for more! Readers will keep coming back to your site to collect more information on certain topics. And if you are regularly updating, it will be even more attractive to the readers because it will show them that the site is still active or ‘alive’ and that the blogger still gives a damn about it!

It can make you money! Honestly, this part will take a while. If you are making a blog purely with the intention of creating a ‘cash-cow’ or as a ‘get-rich-quick-scheme’, then you need to jog on because you will be pretty disappointed! It can take months to see a few dollars from your blog. It can take years of hard work to actually make a decent income from your blog. And even then, you will have to be sure that you are always creating valuable content! You can make money from blogging but this shouldn’t be your main goal. Make your main goal to have fun and to just enjoy blogging and sharing your ideas with others! 🙂

Express yourself! I started my blog purely as a creative outlet. I needed to share with others my printable planners that I find useful in my everyday life. I wanted to help others to organize their lives as well so that it can run smoothly. I also want to share information that I have learned about blogging. Blogging and Planners are two things that really interest me and I want to share that with the world.


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