How to Create an Enticing About Page

How to Blog / Monday, January 8th, 2018

Your blog’s About page is basically a page that introduces you and what your blog is about. The About page is a lot more important than you may think. Think of this page as your ‘resume’ for your blog. Look at it like this; when readers love your blog posts, they end up feeling thirsty for more! They want to know who is behind these amazing posts of which they are so obsessed with. Cue your About page! Yay!

Your About page needs to be just as exciting and intriguing as your blog posts are. It needs to grab your reader’s attention and make them feel as though they can relate to you.

The last thing you want your About page to be is outdated, tacky and visually unappealing. You also want to avoid writing out huge lists, such as ‘100 Fun Facts About ME!’. Also veer away from writing unnecessary details, like writing about your entire life story!

It is vital that you put in a lot of time and effort into your About page and really think about what you say, how you say it and how you display it visually. This is where you want to show your true personality that will resonate with your readers.

There is no special formula to creating ‘The Most Amazing About Page in the World ….EVER!’. However, I would like to share with you some suggestions so you can use it to help craft an enticing About page!

What should your About page include?

  1. Display a clear head shot of yourself. People love to see the face behind the blog rather than reading blog articles from a mysterious entity.
  2. Let people know who you are and what you can offer to them. What is a problem that you could solve for someone? How could you help them? Could you offer them products and services? Could you offer to give them information or advice on a certain area of your expertise?
  3. Give people a quick glimpse of your professional background. Let people know how you got to where you are now. What are some of the steps you took to get there? What obstacles did you face on your journey to where you are now? How did you overcome these obstacles?
  4. Let your readers know how they could benefit from reading your blog.
  5. Include experiences from past clients. Include testimonials to your About page. This will build trust with possible future clients.
  6. Include a glimpse of your portfolio. Showing a snippet of a portfolio of your work will encourage readers to venture more into your site and take a closer look at your work.
  7. Include a link that leads to your ‘Contact Page’. Providing this information lets the reader feel reassured that you are indeed a genuine person and that they can trust you.
  8. Write your About page in first person only! I believe that there is nothing tackier than coming across an about section that is written in third person! Speaking in first person makes it feel more personal.
  9. Include links to your popular posts. It keeps the reader engaged in your blog.
  10. Suggest to the reader that they join your newsletter mailing list. This can really benefit you and your readers.
  11. Include lots of candid imagery. For example, introduce your family like I have done in my About page. Include lots of pictures of them. This can build a connection between the reader and you. They can see that you are just like everyone else and not just some blogging robot. This in turn makes you more relatable to the reader.
  12. Post a few interesting information about you. This makes your readers feel a little more comfortable with you. They get to find out about the little quirks and tid-bits about you. Keep your About page interesting!


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