Top 12 Reasons Why Your Blog’s Rejected From Google AdSense

How to Blog / Friday, January 5th, 2018

Google Adsense is a great method to use to monetize your blog, as it is the best paying ad program for bloggers. And believe me, I have tried plenty of them and I am sticking with Google AdSense!

The main problem that bloggers find with Google AdSense is just getting the approval! And honestly, it took me two submissions in order to get approved. Although some bloggers may submit their blog many more times than this and continue to get denied. There are various reasons for this. Let’s take a look at the top 12 reasons that your blog has been denied approval for Google AdSense.

1.Bad blog design

Pretty-up your blog design to make it pleasing to the eye. Make sure the layout looks clean and is easy for visitors to navigate through.

2.Low quality content

Make sure that the content that you post on your blog is of value to visitors and solve problems that they may have. Never copy and past articles from other blogs and claim them as your own work. Google will be aware that you have done this and will not approve your blog. Also be sure to correctly edit your content. Display proper headings and bullet points where appropriate and fixing grammatical errors.

3.Your blog contains prohibited content

Google will not approve your blog if it contains the following prohibited content:

– Drugs and alcohol related

– Contains hate speech

– Contains adult content

– Providing hacking tips or codes

– Encouraging illegal downloading of copyright content

– Contains violent content

4. Insufficient content

When I got approved, I only had about 13 quality blog posts. And most people say that 10-15 posts should be enough. However, I have heard from a Google employee that you should have about 50 quality blog posts. I think that may be a bit much so try to just aim for 10-15 quality posts and submit your blog if everything else on this list is corrected.

5. Make your niche clear to visitors

The reason why I didn’t get approved the first time I submitted my blog, was because Google just couldn’t figure out what my site was actually about! Looking back on it now, my blog was honestly a mess! Everything was all over the place and I don’t blame Google for not approving it at the time. I had to step back and figure out what exactly is my niche?

6. Your site is too new

This does not apply in some cases. However, for certain countries Google requires your blog’s domain name to have been registered for at least six months.

7. Your blog has insufficient traffic

If your blog doesn’t get a decent amount of visitors, then this may affect your chances of getting approved.

8. You need to be 18

As part of their terms of use, Google requires participants of the Adsense program to be at least 18 years old.

9. Use a paid domain

Google will not approve your blog if you are using a subdomain. For example, Google prefers your blog to have its own top level domain. For example,

10. Do not use copyright images

Delete all copyrighted images from your blog and replace them with free stock images.

11. No About, Contact or Privacy Policies pages

These three pages are a must-have for your blog, regardless of whether you want approval into the Google AdSense program or not, as it shows professionalism.

12. Displaying ads by other ad programs

Do not display ads from other ad networks. I also use However, I removed all of the ads from my blog and submitted my blog to Google. Once I was approved, I put the ads back up on my blog and it’s perfectly fine.

So what happens if your blog gets rejected? Don’t give up! Take a look at the rejection email that Google sent you. This will contain the reason why your blog was rejected. Go back to your blog and make changes where necessary.

There are also a few other ad networks that you could try and are much easier to get approval for.

These are the following:

I have tried these all and they are great alternatives. But there is nothing better than Google AdSense!

Remember that there are other methods of monetizing your blog.

I hope this helps you to figure out how you can change your blog to finally get approved! Good luck!


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