The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lifestyle / Friday, January 5th, 2018

There is this magical drink that helps you to lose weight, makes your skin glow, improves digestion and is full of goodness essential for your body to be healthy! Well to receive all of these benefits is as simple as adding lemon to water!

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So let’s take a closer look and all these benefits and more, that lemon water can give you.

  • Improves your mood and energy levels

What is that you say? Coffee can do this for you in the morning??? Well lemon water can do the exact same thing and is healthier for you! Lemons also contain potassium which can help with depression.

  • Provides your body with vitamin C

It is essential for your body to get a regular intake of vitamin C. Why? Because vitamin C helps your body to produce white blood cells, which is important for your immune system. This is especially important for my family, as we have two of our children in day care. They no longer bring home yucky colds because their immune systems are strong enough to fight back against it all!

  • Helps to lose weight

Lemons contain a fiber called pectin which magical powers make you feel fuller for longer. This means that you wouldn’t go raiding the pantry every ten minutes! (If you are anything like me!)

  • Improves your skin

Lemon water fights back against wrinkles, helping your skin to look and feel younger and healthier. This is thanks to the vitamin C which is packed in lemons!The vitamin C in lemons encourages your body to produce collagen which in turn, smooths out fine lines and leaves you with beautifully youthful and glowing skin.

  • Helps to prevent kidney stones

The citric acid in lemons, help to prevent calcium kidney stone formations. Lemons can also help to dissolve gallstones!

  • Helps keep headaches away

I personally, am prone to getting headaches! Aside from the chaos three children bring to my life, it is mostly triggered when I need to drive long distances in the bright sun. But since I have started adding lemons to my water, those headaches have seriously stayed at bay! This is because lemons (and of course with the help of the H2O!) boosts your body’s hydration levels, keeping away tiredness and headaches.

  • Helps with digestion

Drinking lemon water encourages your digestive system to move

  • Helps your body to heal itself

The citric acid in lemons helps your body to heal wounds and decreases inflamation

  • Good for your overall health

By now, you should know that lemons contain both vitamin C and potassium. But lemons can also provide you with a good and healthy dose of magnesium and copper!

Sold yet? I definitely was as soon as I heard of all of these benefits!

So how do I prepare my lemon water? I love to make a lemon and mint infusion by filling a jug with water and adding slices of lemon and a few sprigs of mint. Then I keep it chilled in the fridge. That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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